About Pokedoki

POKEDOKI is a chef-driven destination for anyone seeking a healthy, crave-able quick service food experience. We are redefining and expanding worldwide food cultures right. Our menu features a variety of signature POKEDOKI creations to choose from. Every single bowl or burrito consists of fresh proteins, topped with healthy ingredients. We are committed to being an eco-friendly brand, so we only choose sustainable fish and products.

While we keep the traditional Hawaiin dish’s important features, we prepare the freshest ingredients to bring you a healthy, savory meal with a delicious fusion of Hawaiian and Worldwide flavors. Meanwhile, we are not only offering the cold bowls but also warm and light food for the breakfast and winter time.

From Pokedoki

Seven chef special made signature bowls come with house-made sources and fish. Flexible mix and match model is built by customers themselves to meet their preferences